Rise Against Hunger

Global Economic Crisis
The rising cost of commodities is driving Filipinos deeper in poverty and hunger.

Typhoon Odette
The most vulnerable Families are the ones forcibly
displaced and are still in desperate need of assistance

Mobile Kitchen
The experience of Hunger is highest in Metro Manila. Together, we can provide the most marginalized communities with nutritious meals.

Sustainable Livelihood
There is much that the families we serve can do for themselves if given the chance. Resilience to poverty starts with a meal.

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pregnant women in 2019 were “nutritionally at-risk.


among countries in the East Asia and Pacific region with the highest prevalence of stunting at 29%


children 6–59 months old suffer from vitamin A deficiency. (FNRI 2018).


Why Undernutrition Matters?

Raises the risk of Illness and Death

Undernutrition elevates the risk of morbidity and mortality, with the potential for transmission across generations. Undernutrition remains among the top three risk factors for disability, morbidity, and premature mortality.

It is an economic crisis

Undernutrition is associated with decreased lifelong earning potential and labor force productivity. Children who survive stunting will suffer the consequence of poor school performance and low productivity as adults.


Create a Movement
to End Hunger

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  • Nourishing Lives
  • Empowering Communities
  • Responding to Emergencies

Will You Change a
Child's Life Today?

100% of your donation will go directly to the field to support people.

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There are ways to help

No one should face hunger.
Everyone has the right to have
an adequate meal.

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