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September 2, 2020/

Living in a rural community in Iloilo, Philippines, life hasn’t always been easy for 55-year-old Fe.  Most people in Fe’s community find work and earn income as farmers and hired laborers. Houses there are built from light materials like plywood and galvanized metal sheets, and water is drawn from manual pumps. Struggling to maintain a steady income, Fe became a participant of an empowerment program in her community. Read more
December 5, 2019/

Every person’s needs are unique and, therefore, when our volunteer-packaged meals are distributed to people in need around the world, the details of how they impact each person are unique. But, while the specifics change, every box of meals means two things for the people that receive the meals inside — not only are they unboxing nutrition, but they’re also unboxing their futures.  For May, a 30-year old woman living in a rural farming community within the mountain ranges of the Philippines’ Iloilo province, she’s witnessed the impact in her daughter’s life and the lives of other children in the community. Read more

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